Cul De Sac Gallery LondonLondon: «London-Munich» 2012

Cul De Sac Gallery London

First part:
Private view Friday 25 May 2012
Exhibition 26 May - 10 June

Artists: Wolfgang Aichner, Sol Archer, Vanja Balogh, Cedric Christie, Andrea Giulivi, Horst Kirstein, Christoph Lammers, Sarah McNulty, Flore Nové-Josserand, Constanze Pladek, Nina Radelfahr, Jay Tan, Christine Tanqueray, Thomas Thiede

Second part:
Private view Friday 15 June 2012
Exhibition 16 June - 1 July

Artists: Thorbjørn Andersen, Sam Burford, Claudia Djabbari, Silke Eberspächer, Cornelia Eichacker, Sandra Filic, Isabel Haase, Doris Hahlweg, Tomaž Kramberger, Jadranka Kosorcic, Christine Kummer, Nghia Nuyen, Susanne Pittroff, Eva Schöffel, Cecile Schuck, David Brian Smith, Rona Smith

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weltraum munich - exhibition shotMunich: «Home where we belong…» 2011

Private view 11 March 2011
12 March - 03 April 2011

Die Erste Reihe: Sam Burford, Cedric Christie, Nina Radelfahr, Eva Schöffel
Kunstraum München: Wolfgang Aichner, Sol Archer, Vanya Balogh, Claudia Djabbari, Silke Eberspächer, Cornelia Eichacker, Sandra Filic, Tomaž Kramberger, Christoph Lammers, Sarah McNulty, Nghia Nuyen, Susanne Pittroff, Constanze Pladek, Rona Smith, Thomas Thiede
Weltraum: Thorbjørn Andersen, Andrea Giulivi, Isabel Haase, Doris Hahlweg, Horst Kirstein, Christine Kummer, Jadranka Kosorcic, Cecile Schuck ,David Brian Smith, Jay Tan,
wm32: Christine Tanqueray, Flore Nové-Josserand
Public space video projection «Bunter Abend»: GÆG Wolfgang Aichner & Thomas Huber

Curated by Tina Hudelmaier
Co-curated by Isabel Haase

«HOME where we belong…» is a collaborative exhibition and exchange project between municipal artists studios Baumstraße, Munich and artists who met at the Cell Studios in Hackney Wick, London.

«Home where we belong…»

In four different exhibition venues in the Munich district Isarvorstadt the question is explored as to how personal identity and an individual sense of belonging today are connected to the locally networked concept of «Heimat». 31 artists examine in their works the theme of «Heimat» in the context of their personal development and follow up on questions such as: What does «Heimat» mean today? What does it mean to belong to a place or a nation? Is «Heimat» a real or fictitious place? How does «belonging» manifest itself?

The aim of this exhibition project is first and foremost the artisticcultural exchange between artists from London and Munich. The exhibition planners did
not want to confine this conceptual aspect through too many restricting guidelines and have thus opened up a wide area with the theme «HOME where we belong…». This has provoked a broad spectrum of individual artistic interpretation, which is also expressed in the wide range of media represented.

The challenges that come with the whole theme are also on an organisational level, as the «municipal artists studios Baumstrasse», the artists that work there and the direct surroundings of the Isarvorstadt as the artists' «Heimat» should be incorporated. The exhibition's concept should not only provide the London and Munich artists with a platform, but should also call attention to the regional infrastructure of cultural funding, which in many ways has consequences for the free development of individual forms of expression. Especially this support in the field of infrastructure by the boroughs and the City of Munich Department of Culture is a major attribute that defines Munich as an internationally acclaimed «cultural Heimat».

The fact that the idea for this transnational exhibition came from the artists themselves and that an exchange of inspiration between the two cities has been going on for some time becomes evident in the exhibited works. Discovering HOME where we belong… these correlations for themselves creates this exhibition's particular appeal for visitors.

A sign that the exhibition project's main objective, namely the promotion of artistic-cultural exchange as well as the perception of local, institutional infrastructure as «cultural Heimat», brings forth positive synergetic effects, is among other things the fact that the London artists are present in Munich. The project finds its counterpart in an exhibition in London in May/June 2012 (Cul de Sac Gallery) where all participating Munich artists will also be present. Even in the era of web2.0 and global networks, artistic and cultural exchange always remain a question of direct contact between people. People, who bring forward their different ideas and influences of and through «Heimat», inspire each other and thus create an international «cultural Heimat» that acknowledges its respective roots and in itself represents an important source of artistic work.

Tina Hudelmaier

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